Move Mountains Adaptive 2 Piece Pajama Set


Move Mountains with this modern blend of bluish gray and sunset colors for little explorers!

Denver's Dream, by Littles on the Loose, is dedicated to creating inclusive and comfortable clothing for children on the move. Whether it's dressing, accommodating medical needs, or simply ensuring a good night's sleep, we've got your child covered.

Our adaptive two piece pajama sets provide unparalleled comfort and convenience for disabled children. We believe that children of all abilities deserve clothing that makes life easier, and our pajama set is here to help!

  • Buttery soft, stretchy custom-milled bamboo viscose that’s gentle on sensitive or eczema-prone skin

  • Complete Button-Down Top: Our adaptive top features a full-button design, making dressing and undressing a breeze. No more struggles with overhead garments – our top ensures a seamless and comfortable experience.

  • Pants with Hip and Ankle Buttons: The pants are equipped with buttons at the hips and ankles, making it effortless to accommodate AFO (Ankle-Foot Orthosis) braces. Your child can get dressed comfortably while receiving the necessary support.

  • Tube and Line Access: We understand the importance of medical care and treatment. That's why we've added two zipper openings on either side of the chest/torso. These openings provide quick and easy access to feeding tubes, lines, or other medical necessities, ensuring your child remains comfortable and cared for.

  • PICC Line, Bloodwork, and IV Access: For children requiring PICC lines, regular bloodwork, or IV access, our adaptive pajamas feature two zipper openings on each arm. These zippers make medical procedures simpler and less stressful for children and caregivers.

    • Featuring the same cute prints for sibling matching
    • Extra length to fit longer
    • Snug fit in accordance with all CPSC safety regulations (our jammies are never treated with flame-retardants or chemicals)