Arya & Rachel

Arya & Rachel

Arya & Rachel

At Littles on the Loose part of our mission is not only to make adaptive clothing options, but also to project the need for inclusion in the world. This world needs a little bit more togetherness and this is our contribution.

We’ve decided to start spreading awareness by campaigning kindness. We plan to do more of these merch drops over time with different designs and clothing options. Each of these campaigns will also donate 10% of profits to a medical family in need.


A Message from Rachel

I’m a single mom/caregiver to my 4 year old, Arya. She sustained loss of oxygen at birth, which resulted in a severe brain injury. I took her home on hospice, and was told she wouldn’t live to be a few months old, due to the severity of her injury. But now she is 4, which is wild!

Life has by no means been easy for us. I quit my career in the mental health field to become Arya’s full time caregiver after I realized the extent of her injury. Due to lack of nursing and daycares/schools unable to meet her medical needs, I’ve never been able to go back to work to support us at all financially. The financial stress and day to day struggles of caring for a disabled child have made life quite overwhelming at times.

Arya has been through a lot in her life, but has far exceeded so many doctors expectations of her. She is the happiest little girl!